Randolph Macon College Mens Basketball



What makes R-MC Basketball Camps unique from others?

Mission: Our mission is for our camp environment to shape each camper beyond their camp session. Each camper should learn the tools for self-improvement while developing a deeper love for the game of basketball.

Our Values: We use the pillars of our basketball program in our daily teachings.

Care: Caring shows up in our approach to camp. We can show this value in how we listen to our coaches (parents) and interact with our teammates at camp and beyond.

Commit: Commit to a growth mindset and to constant improvement.

Compete: Learn to focus on giving your best effort each rep and staying in the moment.

Attitude: If it is not what happens to us, but how we respond that determines our success and happiness.

Camper Testimonial: Good morning coach this is Trey Stuart. I’m reaching out to you thanking you in a manner I don’t usually do. Especially for email is my last means of communication with someone. However it seemed most appropriate in thanking you for an incredible week. I’ve attended many camps before including William and Mary’s. One would think a division 1 basketball camp would be ever so comprehensive. I found out very fast that it’s Randolph Macon’s camp that I find myself learning the most and being engaged with the game and my coaches. The whole program has shaped me not into a better player but also a better version of myself in terms of attitude and behavior. As I said my coach happened to be the most mature coach of them all which happened to rub off on me a bit. Nonetheless I couldn’t thank one person enough for the opportunity I have been given which is your camp. My thanks extend to my coaches in both skills and shooting camp. And you if course for being attentive to the sort of people and players we campers were. Helping us better ourselves on more levels than one. I hope to make it to many games this year and to support the program and that blessed me with more than enough to be the best player I can be. Thank you coach.