Randolph Macon College Mens Basketball



Articles that have helped shape our youth philosophy:
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 What is your camper to coach/adult ratio?


 Will Lunch Be Provided?

Yes lunch is provided each day. We will also have a camp store for campers to purchase drinks and snacks.

 What is the Early Bird Workout?

This optional workout is open to all campers and is FREE of charge!  In this high intensity 30 minute workout, campers will be pushed to work on some skills that will really challenge them.  There is no early bird workout on day 1 due to registration. Hope you can take advantage of this special opportunity from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

 Campus Map

 Directions to R-MC

 Crenshaw Gym

Crenshaw Gym is home to the Men's and Women's Basketball and volleyball programs at R-MC.  Renovated in 2005, Crenshaw gym is connected to the older Alumni Gym. Together, the two structures provide facilities for basketball and physical education with a seating capacity of more than 1,200.


 Food Allergies & Info

We have an assortment of gluten free menu items and each is labeled clearly. Additionally, we have an exclusive refrigerated area for gluten free snacks, breads, cereals, etc. However, myself and the chefs are available at every meal period. I encourage your son to speak up and ask questions if he has any concerns about food content or preparation.

 EPI Pens

We prefer the campers carry with them except in cases where kids are younger (in this case our trainer will carry).  Nothing is better than the camper who would need it, know exactly where it is if needed.   If camper can administer, great. If not, our trainer or one of our coaching staff would have to.

Please provide special instructions when you register since there is space for that and then we should plan to connect at registration to review and put face to the situation.

 The Pool

Campers are given the option on one camp day to take a break from hoops and jump in our indoor pool.  Have them bring swimsuit and towel if they plan to take advantage of the opportunity.